HEIDL is a Product Design, Development and Manufacturing Company

Helping startups, SME's and large organisations to bring products to market

Our Work

Experience, Knowledge, Skill

Whether you are a Start-up, SME or Large Organisation, the HEIDL team is here to help you. HEIDL offers ‘end to end’ product design and product development services. We can assist you from concept design right through to manufacturing.

Our team has over 20 years experience working with household names such as DIAGEO and 

Bewleys, and innovative SME’s such as TIRECHECK,  MagGrow and EVERSAFE to deliver innovative products and solutions to market.

We offer our professional services on a ‘stage by stage’ basis giving you and your project flexibility and focused assistance when and where it matters.




Why Choose HEIDL?

Strategic Partnerships

HEIDL can add high value to your project by becoming your dedicated Design and Engineering Strategic Partner. These partnerships can be tailored to fit your needs. Using state of the art prototyping and fabrication facilities we offer world-class design, prototyping and production services. Get in touch today for more information or for a Free Quotation.

Project Examples

The Team

At HEIDL we are a team of experienced product design and engineering professionals. We are committed to helping our customers develop successful products. We are also passionate about commercialising our own in-house products; our philosophy is to create products which “have a positive impact on people’s lives”.

Our Work

At HEIDL we work with start-ups and large corporates to design and engineer new products. We have a focus on the Healthcare, Home and Office and Sports Industries, however we have vast experience across many other industries also. We are passionate about delivering impactful products to our customers.

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Your Strategic Partner

At HEIDL we can add our expert capabilities to your project by becoming your dedicated Strategic Partner.

We can offer expert design and engineering services to projects or companies who may not have an in-house design/engineering department or where the in-house design/engineering department needs assistance due to time constraints, challenging deliverables, or skills gaps.

These partnerships can be tailored to fit your company’s exact needs. Get in touch today for more information or for a Free Quotation.