HEIDL and EVERSAFE, a Strategic Partnership


The EVERSAFE Product Range is a major advancement in personal security when travelling. The designs combine and refine things we already use – luggage, safes, locks and identification systems into a series of products that enables the traveller to securely ‘lock and dock’ their personal belongings whilst on the move.

All EVERSAFE Products feature a common, patent-pending secure docking system which fits all products in the EVERSAFE range of travel bags, delivery boxes and specialized cases.

HEIDL was commissioned by EVERSAFE TECHNOLOGIES to carry out detailed design on a range of products. Following the completion of the design work, functional prototypes were produced to allow the company to test the products in-house and approach potential distributors/customers with working models. Having completed the design and prototyping phases HEIDL now project manage the manufacturing of all the EVERSAFE products between the Far East and North America.

This type of strategic alliance allows the client to access state of the art design and prototyping services as well as manufacturing and production expertise without having to invest heavily in staff or equipment. It also enables the client to focus on the sales and marketing side of the business, engage with customers and develop routes to market.










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