The Ear Trainer

A Stylish and Compact, Prominent Ear Corrective Device

The Ear Trainer

The Ear Trainer device is patent pending technology for correcting Prominent Ears. HEIDL has partnered with an Irish client to design, develop and commercialise this exciting new technology.

Prominent Ears, better known as “Sticky-out” Ears is a condition which affects 5% of the western population. This problem can affect the well-being of the individual with the condition. It is known to diminish self-confidence and self-worth and is a source of bullying especially among children. Surgery is often sought to correct the problem, however, this solution is costly and carries potential risks so the Ear Trainer device was designed as a non-surgical, practical and affordable solution for Prominent Ears.

Our client approached us with an early stage version of the Ear Trainer seeking to commercialise his exciting invention. HEIDL was commissioned to undertake a design development project on the Ear Trainer device.

The device has undergone an extensive period of research, concept design, concept development, prototyping and testing. HEIDL is currently undertaking a market validation study which will be followed by detailed design, design for manufacture and engineering.

The Ear Trainer is an example of HEIDL’s philosophy to design, develop and commercialise innovative and impactful products. Products that ‘help people in their everyday lives’.




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