Plug and Play device to Regulate Internet Access.


iKydz is a new Irish Tech Start-up company. Their first product is a simple plug and play box that gives parents and guardians the power to regulate the time any digital device within the home is used for as well as filtering out content that they are not happy with.

Under very tight time constraints’ iKydz contracted HEIDL to design, prototype and complete a design for manufacture for the device enclosure. The technology, in the form of a functional PCB was provided for reference.

With no prior design work to draw from, HEIDL defined the form and function of the device, produced detailed product designs, delivered two high definition prototypes and engineered the enclosure for mass production all within 3 days.

The client was seeking a clean and discreet design that would be fit for a domestic environment and would not look out of place beside a router or similar device. The enclosure was designed in two parts, top and bottom, for injection moulding with in-mould nut inserts and de-bossed logo to give a secure and easily assembled product.

An enclosure design for iKydz’s plug and play technology


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